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How to Mistake-Proof Your Business

The fact that you are looking at this probably means that you can relate to this photograph. Mistakes can be highly stressful, indeed.

Hey–mistakes are made. It costs money Employees get upset. Customers get mad.


Mistakes are inevitable–right?





Steve Royal of Royal Associates has been working with companies and even individuals to help them overcome this paradigm. It turns out that mistakes are almost never inevitable. But, there is a catch. Steve, after helping hundreds of people to mistake-proof their business,  came to the conclusion that mistakes are no more that a special kind of  problem.


So Steve created a unique, comprehensive problem-solving process, one that deals with mistakes as problems. Both are handled and solved he same way with the same ultimate result–once solved, the mistake or problem will never happen again!


This highly effective mistake-proofing/problem solving process is called


Prioritized Problem Resolution (PPR)


PPR is unique in the way it uses a prioritization  system  for each step in the process.  Prioritization means that you always know that you are always working on the most important issue first, and, among other things, is a terrific time-saver.


Prioritized Problem Solving is supplied to you as an Ebook for the nominal cost of $5.00.


Please visit  the PPR web site: smartproblemsolving.com.

Mistakes cause frustration